Teamium Essential Release v1.0

Teamium is excited to announce the release of its Essential version 1.0. It is targeted at smaller teams who have more simple requirements and do not need all the features of the full version. Teamium Essential offers an affordable way for customers to enjoy many features related to project management, resource scheduling and collaboration, while keeping a smaller footprint at lowered cost.
In talking to customers and partners, we found this gap between customer need at the small end and current market offering. The way content is created and media is consumed has changed enormously in the last few years. The emergence of self-publishing and distribution over digital platforms has given rise to a fast-growing community of content creators interested in creating and distribution the content on new digital and mobile platforms. Teamium is filling that gap in the market with a simple, affordable collaborative solution to help them manage their project resources and deliverables.
The Essential version is truly a plug and play software. As it is cloud-based, there is no software to install. It’s simple and highly intuitive user interface guides the user to self-configure the application with their data and start using it in a matter of minutes. 
While Teamium Essential is targeted at smaller teams, we believe that many larger customers will also an appetite for the Essential version. If they are unable to move their entire end-to-end workflows to Teamium all at once, they can do so gradually. The Essential version allows them to start with fewer modules and seamlessly migrate to the full version on their timeline.
Teamium Essential version will be available at the end of January 2021.
How is the Essential version different from the full version?
The Essential version is really meant for small teams that want a basis scheduling system that is pure plug and play. It has a highly simple and intuitive user interface that requires no training. 
Unlike the full version, the Essential version is truly plug and play. The order process is completely automatic. Customer can place an order by using a credit card and receive a user login id. Additional user ids can be created based on the number of licenses requested. User can import datafiles for resources, personnel and clients in .csv and .xml formats using a template.

 Does this mean that the full version is not recommended for small teams?
No: we have seen that some of our customer with small team size require advanced features that are supported on the full version. During the sales process, we learn about customer's workflows and requirements in detail so that we can recommend the right solution.
What about larger customers - would they find the Essential version useful?
Yes, it is quite possible that they may want to start with a limited set of features such as resource scheduling on the Essential version. Over time, they may move other parts of the production management process on Teamium. 
Is the Essential version same as full version with some features turned off?
No: The Essential version is a separate application designed from grounds up. It utilizes a multi-tenant architecture and therefore supports multiple customers on the same platform. Although the look and feel is similar to the full version, the navigation is quite different and simplified.
What if I want to start with the Essential version and then move to full version?
We have automated migration tools to transfer all your data seamlessly to the full version. The migration can be done in as little as 1 day.
If you have more questions about the Essential version or the full version, please contact: Stefan Pfuetze of x-dream-distribution, our EMEA Distribution partners.
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