The latest released version of Cambria FTC V4.6

The latest version of Cambria FTC V4.6 has been released. It supports 608 and 708 closed captions for HDR UHD. It also includes an enhanced Teletrax watermarking feature that works over the network and on multiple machines using Cluster.

Cambria FTC V4.6 has been qualified and selected as the preferred third-party solution for Harmonic VOS. It can create a fully compatible multiple bitrate transport stream to VOS for OTT packaging. A new Cambria Monitor application monitors FTC, Cluster, and BCM using a web-based interface, making it easy to monitor all Cambria products in the workflow.  

Cambria Live V4.6 preview includes NDI input support for high quality, low latency live streaming workflow. It also has an enhancement for improved RTP/SRT output with higher stability. Ad insertion feature now supports back-to-back ad insertion for a more robust ad insertion workflow. It also includes support for a configurable SCTE marker that can work with various types of ad signals. 

New Features: 


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