Libero Systems

Libero Systems

Software-based playout automation system providing powerful and flexible broadcasting solutions via a client-server architecture.

About Libero Systems

The product line of Libero Systems covers multi-channel playout with graphics and streaming, multi-channel recording, on-air drawing, studio newspaper review, monitoring and multiviewer systems. 

Libero Systems products

Libero Play

It is a software-based playout automation system which provides powerful, flexible and user-friendly broadcasting solutions via a client-server architecture. Libero Play manages from scheduling to playout and switches automatically from rundown items to live sources. Libero Play has extensive support for a wide range of file formats compatibility. The system offers frame-accurate synchronization between main and backup video servers. Libero Play guarantees scalability for the addition of an almost unlimited number of channels, operator positions, and devices while the system remains live.
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Libero Ingest

Libero Igest is a flexible multi-channel ingest, transcoding and encoding software with powerful and user-friendly features. It provides monitoring and controlling all the ingest operations on a single screen. Libero Ingest has a wide range of file formats and input cards compatibility. Libero Ingest lets the operators record live events by controlling VTRs in a straightforward manner. The system offers freeze frame, black frame and signal loss detection in order to automatically start and stop ingest operations. Libero Ingest is designed to adapt your workflows or 3rd party systems with its own REST API and flexible triggering features. 
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Libero Hybrid

Libero Hybrid is a software which can be used to convert multiple IP sources to SDI/NDI video signals to integrate them on an existing system. Libero Hybrid gives you brief information about input stream visualization such as video formats, frame rates, and bitrates. Libero Hybrid offers video and audio previews of multiple streams. Libero Hybrid provides different SDI output formats per port via supported capture and playback cards. 
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Libero Multiviewer

Libero Multiviewer is designed to take multiple video / audio signals and combine them to monitor in real-time. The system provides attractive and flexible layouts for one or several large screens. It allows to preview the selected video source on the configuration window. This feature helps you to see the source and corresponding video signal. The layouts are customizable according to your scenarios and shows. Static and dynamic elements are available on Layout Designer such as video source or clocks. It analyses each input signal for important parameters to create notifications or warnings and sends them via e-mail.
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