x-dream-media is a European-wide acting software integrator with an entire commitment to the media IT, developing its own software products. 

About x-dream-media

The x-dream-media service portfolio spans from consulting via deployment, training and support services to custom development. Based on our long term experience we build product solutions to address the typical needs of our customers. Among x-dream-media's customers are production facilities, broadcasters and content delivery companies. In typical projects x-dream-media ingests files and metadata into production, asset or newsroom systems, connecting so far isolated production islands or sends asset packages into the distribution chain. On a lower level, x-dream-media processes or repairs media files.

x-dream-media products


OneGUI - central job monitoring for transcoder, ingest, QC and file transport tools. ONE GUI gives access to all information and controls that are relevant to the software operators. And it hides all options and controls that a user at his role level should not have access to. Different access levels based on a user/group/role definition can be configured. A login dialogue grants access and gives access to the options according to the user’s role. This said the processing farms “customers” for instance can be limited to watch the status while only operators can change priorities but just supervisors can stop and delete a job within the job list of a processing farm. 
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Workflow Orchestrator and Manager (WFM)

Manual, fully or semi-automated processes are integrated via the WFM system. It provides operators with task-specific surfaces. It has connections to all relevant components within the production environment. These components are controlled, video essences and metadata are transferred between the units. There is a focus on ingest into production, post-production or content management systems, as well as archives, processing systems, non-linear publishing, and delivery systems. Broadcast "onAir" is covered as well. The strength of our workflow system is given by its open for connecting to any software within media IT environments and flexibility to execute any business logic required. 
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