Capella Press Release 2022

Capella Press Release 2022
Capella Systems Returns to IBC to Show the Latest Versions of Cambria FTC 5.0 and Cambria Live 5.0.

San Jose, CA (08/24/2022) – Capella Systems returns to IBC for an in-person exhibit at Stand 7.D29 at RAI September 9-12. “We are so excited to be back at IBC and announcing V5.0, our biggest updates to date,” says Ikuyo Yamada, CEO of Capella Systems. “We have been working on many new big features, and we cannot wait to showcase them at IBC.”

Cambria FTC is Capella’s next-generation, scalable transcoder, which can operate locally, in the Cloud, or both by utilizing a hybrid load balancing feature. Hybrid load balancing diverts transcoding jobs from a Cambria Cluster on site to Cloud servers when the Cluster reaches maximum capacity, allowing users to extend their transcoding capacity on the fly. Cambria FTC V5.0 now operates on Linux, offering users a more secure, stable, and cost-effective platform.

“Many of our customers, especially our OEM partners, have requested Linux support so they can integrate our transcoding engine into their systems, and we are thrilled to finally provide it for them,” says Martin Belleau, VP of engineering at Capella Systems. Cambria FTC V5.0 also supports the NVIDIA NVENC codec, which significantly accelerates encoding speeds. Its new Smart Watch Folder architecture utilizes an enhanced scripting feature to automate any number of complex workflows. Cambria Cluster V5.0 also features an enhanced Web UI that makes it simpler for operators to monitor and control transcoding jobs. 

The Cambria Live Series, Capella’s software-based live encoding suite for broadcast professionals, also runs on Linux and can be deployed fully in the Cloud. “I see many of our customers moving their entire live encoding workflow into the Cloud,” says Yamada. “Running Cambria Live in a Linux Cloud environment provides a very stable, 24-7 operation at a minimal cost.”

Cambria Live V5.0 has received an overhaul of its Web UI as well. It also adds NVENC support for both H.264 and H.265 to deliver more throughput per machine and includes SCTE35 marker passthrough and subtitles in HLS/Dash. Users can use the Cambria Live Broadcast Manager (BCM) to easily create YouTube Live events and deliver a high-quality stream directly to their YouTube Live channels. 

The newest additions to the Cambria product lines are Cambria FTC Packagers and Cambria Live Packagers, which also both run on Linux. “We realized the market was lacking a flexible and robust packaging solution, and I knew we could leverage our experience developing Cambria FTC for transcoding to deliver a superior packaging option,” adds Yamada. 

The Cambria FTC Packager and Cambria Live Packager both include in-depth support for handling SCTE35 for ad insertion and integrate with major ad insertion solutions, such as Yospace, AWS, and Brightcove. It supports per-track DRM key support for encryption and EBU-TT-D subtitle support in DASH.

For live demos of versions 5.0 of Cambria FTC and the Cambria Live Series and the Cambria Packagers, please visit Capella Systems at Stand 7.D29.



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